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What does your dream future look like? Do you have a bright vision, but don't know the steps to get to it? What if there were nothing to hold you back, what would you do?


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Are limiting beliefs about yourself holding you back in your career? Has so much "garbage" been piled onto you that you feel like you can't move? Is your motivational fire going out? That is not good! What is your action plan to get out of this funk, and start creating an amazing tomorrow? Read More >>>


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Did you know that 48% of companies receiving coaching report an ROI of 1000%-5000%?

Isn’t it time you got business coaching?

About Your Bellevue Coach

Ty Belknap currently holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Leadership, is a 2017 Doctor of Strategic Leadership candidate in Coaching, and is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, of which he is a member and a mentor coach. Find out more about the International Coach Federation.
International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach with International Coach Federation

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"The coaching was incredible. I found it to be very insightful. My business moved ahead at least 6-12 months."
-M. Watkins

"I found it helpful and was able to feel like I am going in the right direction."
J. Joneschiet

"I have a more positive feeling about what I am doing and going to do in the future."
T. Lewis

My goal is to help others see and reach the potential within them.