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Small Business Start-Up

Is your Belleve WA small business just starting up? Do you have questions about whether you want to be a sole proprietor, S Corp, or LLC? What about employees, contractors, or the vision of your business?

There are so many questions when starting your own small business in Bellevue, and a business coach can help tremendously.

Bellevue Entrepreneur or Business Ramping Up

So your business is up and running, but you have hit a wall. Something is stopping you from getting to the next level.

Do you need more room? Do you need to hire, but are not sure how to find the right people? Are you running 80+ hours a week and need a break? Does your family not know who you are anymore?

Or are you scouring the net right now because your doors are open, but nobody is coming in? You have a great business idea, but it seems impossible to get people to know about it.

If either is the case, contact us today. You are reading this because you are looking for help. You have an awesome future to gain!


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